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The Coppersmiths Fashioned: A Spiced Twist on a Timeless Classic

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

The Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail with origins dating back to the 19th century. It is believed to be one of the first cocktails ever created, featuring whiskey, sugar, bitters, and a citrus peel garnish served over ice. We mix it up by creating a spiced rum old fashioned.


  • 60ml Coppersmiths Orange & Ginger Spiced Rum

  • 1 teaspoon simple syrup (or more, to taste)

  • 2-3 dashes aromatic bitters

  • Frozen Orange/Orange Peel (for garnish)

  • Large Ice Cube


  1. In an Old Fashioned glass, add the simple syrup and aromatic bitters.

  2. Pour in the spiced rum

  3. Add 1 large ice cube

  4. Stir gently to combine the flavours and chill the drink.

  5. Garnish with a twist of orange peel, or if you're prepared, a grating of frozen orange zest

The Coppersmiths Fashioned takes this iconic cocktail to new heights by incorporating Coppersmiths' Orange & Ginger Spiced Rum. This spiced rum adds a unique take on the Old Fashioned, infusing it with the contrasting flavours of orange zest, fresh ginger, vanilla, allspice, and molasses. The result is a rich and spiced libation that pays homage to the classic while introducing an exciting and complex flavour profile. Sip and savour the Coppersmiths Fashioned, a delightful spiced rum twist on a timeless favourite.

Sip and savour the rich and spiced goodness of the Coppersmiths Fashioned! Check out the other cocktails in our Summer Cocktail Series.


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